RQ Vol 3
RQSS-003 | Genre: Racequeen
Runtime : 180 mins
Release Date : September 2008 (JAP)

It’s hard to imagine that this film was shot at the tail-end of the last century, and that many of the race queens are possible on the verge of being grandmothers. But even that thought did not put us off taking a look at the third release in the series.

In total there is almost three hours of amateur footage to keep you entertained filmed in the pit-lane and paddock areas. They are some very cheeky moments as you would expect in this one, and it was quite difficult to find a clip that was acceptable to put on the site.  It anything it gave you a lesson in how far a Japanese race queen fan would go to get that all important close-up! 

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Of course this type of attention was quite normal and was not unexpected by the models who found different uses for many things including umbrellas to keep the wondering lens at bay. 

As ever the film contains no nudity and all models are over 18 years of age.