RQ360 Tanaka Saeka
5 RQ360 Tanaka Saeka

There is no mistaking the pit lane outfit of the Privee racequeens that could be seen supporting the cars of Tokai Dream28 entry in the 2008 Super GT Championship. At the time in 2008 Saeka was joined on the grid by Tsukimi Shioro, Hirokana Miho and Taniguchi Maki. As with the others in the series you have a mix of set location pieces mixed the personal moments filmed by Saeka. This style is not for everyone, but personally I like the opportunity to get know a little more about the person.

RQ360 Tanaka Saeka
The DVD is split into a total of sixteen chapters
Our verdict on RQ360 Tanaka Saeka
“ Love it! ”
The Good
The Bad
location for some set pieces could have been better
RQ360 Tanaka Saeka
Genre: Racequeen
Runtime : 49 mins
Publisher : Magical Inc
Release Date : December 2008 (JAP)
Starring : Saeka Tanaka