Auto Gals 2004
5 Auto Gals 2004

What we have is the sights and sounds from the 2004 Tokyo Auto show. The dvd is split into several sections covering the girls from the exhibitors, the live stage show and race queen contest. 

The first section is split into four parts and takes up just over half of the runtime the section its self is called the ’Gals Collections’ this is where we have the pleasure of taking a tour of the show and having a look at the campaign girls from the various companies. The camera work is good and guy responsible for the filming must have done this type of work before as the camera is never stationary, moving from the girls head down her body to her toe in slightly pleasing if not hypnotic fashion. The name of the exhibitors the girls represent is displayed in English so you would have a useful reference to track down more images if you wanted to. The music that accompanies the ’Gals’ section is fast paced and works well. 


Fifteen minutes are given over to the live stage acts from the Auto show, this section is very dialogue heavy and an understanding of Japanese would be an advantage. Its a mix of interviews, music and dance with opportunities for the girl idol groups to plug their DVDs and music CD. 


The final fifteen minutes is the Race Queen Grand Prix and the Auto Gallery Queen contest. This is a bikini pageant were you get a chance to have a real close up look at the winner and runners-up, again an understanding of Japanese would help, but its still watch able with the sound turn down. 


I will go as far as to say this is a fantastic DVD it delivers exactly what it say on the cover, eighty minutes of excellent viewing! 

Auto Gals Auto Gallery 2004
Runtime : 80 mins
Publisher : Super Princess
Release Date : September 2004 (JAP)