Race Queen 2001 Five Stars
5 Race Queen 2001 Five Stars

The DVD starts with a good intro section where we see the girls altogether on the steps of films location house, moving swiftly on to a small intro scene where each girl is introduced in their teams race queen costume and their vital statistics are displayed. Taking race queen. This sees all the girls sitting around drinking red wine, talking to each other about what they like about being a race queen, and swapping stories. At 10 minutes long you may find yourself looking for the fast forward button. 

Each girl’s solo segment opens with the customary bikini run around on a soft sandy beach, with waves crashing all around. Toko is joined a one point by an inquisitive dog. The scene are well done I must admit I do prefer the team uniforms so the next part was my favorite! There was some great tasteful close-up of the girls in their uniform, may be a little too much soft focus at times but this didn’t spoil the actual content. With lots of posing and smiles to the camera the uniform section played out with some nice walking and leg shots. 

Each girls section comes to an end with one bikini scene and one lingerie, powder room scene, the first is some full body shots with some seductive posing complete with heels taken in and around the European location house. The last scene is from the powder room, shot with soft warm lighting and with mixed selection of lingerie. 

Summary - Overall the DVD is good value with approximately 20 minutes devoted to each girl, with each girls section running from Beach - Uniform - Talk - Bikini outside - Powder room, the music at times was a little strange a mix of 60’s and electronic, but for race queen DVD’s that’s nothing out or the ordinary. A feature on the disc was the Matrix Search, this allow you to jump to any girl and scene combination, great idea and really useful as it allowed access other sections not grouped with the girls segment.